Webinar: Experiential evaluation of the child-parent relationship

About webinar:

The thematic of the workshop will introduce you into a clinical experiential evaluation method of the parent-child relationship. The method has been adapted from international literature and practice by Andreea Neagu in her clinical practice, after many years of working therapeutically on the parent-child relationship and it involves using specific play therapy and creative-expresive art techniques in the parent-child interaction. The interaction between them is being observed and interpreted based on specific guidelines. All these observations offer a general perspective on the quality of the attachment relationship between parent and child, by evaluating nine psychological dimensions of the relationships. The results are used subsequently in the psychotherapeutic process, where different dimensions of the parent-child relationship are being repaired or improved.

Goals – what will participants learn from the workshop?

The participants will:

  • Learn introductory concepts from a standardized model of clinical experiential evaluation of the parent-child relationship
  • Learn about some of the most recent theories related to the parent-child dynamic
  • Learn introductory concepts about specific evaluation materials to be used during the process
  • Get an introduction into the clinical method by applying the evaluation on a video case with real parents and children
  • Learn about the utility of this method as a base for case conceptualization in play therapy interventions when working with children and parents

Why do you think it is important to talk about this topic? What motivated you to create this webinar?

Andreea: I believe it’s very important to put the attachment relationship between parent and child at the base of our clinical and therapeutical perspective when working therapeutically with children and their families. So, in this context, during my years of clinical practice, I kept searching for ways in which I can observe clinically, in a structured way, the parent-child relationship and calibrate my therapeutical intervention according to these observations. And this is how I came up with the evaluation method and after applying it and seeing the efficacy it brought to my work, I was very enthusiastic in sharing with other professionals in the field, which also started applying it successfully in their clinical settings. Therefore, I want to introduce to you, too, the method and the benefits it brings to our clinical practices. Also, seeing videos with real parents and children, who have been evaluated with the method, facilitates the use of clinical observation and interpretation of the parent-child relationship psychological dimensions.

For whom is this webinar attended for: mental health professionals

When: Thursday, 10.02.2022. od 19.00 do 20.30

Fee: 150,00hrk (20eur)

What will you get: written materials and confirmation for attendance

Please contact us by email: [email protected]

Webinar will be in English without translation.

The event is finished.


10 velj 2022


19:00 - 20:30


150 €
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