Webinar: Analyzing children’s drawing

Summary of the workshop
Children’s drawings are, in the therapeutic setting, a primary tool for knowledge, exploration, and script change.
During the workshop, participants will be invited to read and analyze drawings brought by the presenter, or even they may bring drawings of children they have in treatment to be analyzed.
At the beginning there will be a brief theoretical introduction, then the workshop will be interactive and experiential.

Goals – what will participants learn from the workshop?
Participants will learn how to read children’s drawings and how to use the Urbild, the first drawing, as a diagnostic tool.

Why do you think it is important to talk about this topic? What motivated you to create this webinar?
I think this topical is important for everyone who works with children. Therapy with children passes through the use of metaphors and in the drawings children can represent their state of mind, their mood, their story without revealing themselves too much.
The use of drawings allows a delicate and effective intervention at the same time.
I also believe that the effectiveness of transactional analysis in the treatment of children deserves greater dissemination and resonance.

The lecturer is Alessandra Pierini, psychologist, and transactional analyst- psychotherapist, educator, and supervisor. She lives and works in Rome, Italy. She works with children in clinical and educational settings. She is the founder and co-director of Phsysis (a center that provides psychotherapy, counseling, and TA education) where she works with children, families, adults, and groups. She is the author of two books and several articles.

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For whom is this webinar attended for: mental health professionals

When: Thursday, 07.04.2022. od 19.00 do 20.30

Fee: 150,00hrk (21.5eur)

Paying the fee, you booked your place on webinar.

What will you get: written materials and confirmation for attendance

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Webinar will be in English without translation.

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07 tra 2022


19:00 - 20:30


150 €
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