Supervision Workshop with Keith Tudor

Supervision Workshop with Keith Tudor

This workshop, which is open to practitioners across disciplines and, amongst psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, and counselors, across therapeutic modalities, focuses on supervision. The workshop will respond to the specific interests of participants, but may include the following:

  • The practitioner’s philosophy of supervision.
  • Definitions of supervision.
  • Theories of supervision (e.g., functions, roles, organization and tasks, context, culture, relationship)
  • Dilemmas in supervision, and domains of supervision.
  • Other areas (e.g., group supervision, responsibilities in supervision, supervising across disciplines, supervision of brief therapy).

The workshop will comprise presentations, demonstrations (individual, group, and/or cascade supervision), small group work, and discussion. The workshop will comprise some didactic teaching input, demonstrations, large and small group discussions, and opportunities for practice and supervision of practice. Transactional analysts attending the workshop will be able to count the hours of the workshop towards their training hours.

The supervision workshop will be in English without translation.

When: 3. 4. 2023. in Zagreb (address will be published later) from 9.30 until 17.30

Fee: 125 € (941,81 hrk)

The Supervision Workshop will be presented by Keith Tudor.

Keith Tudor is a Professor of Psychotherapy at Auckland University of Technology, Aotearoa New Zealand, where he is also a co-Lead of the Group for Research in Psychological Therapies. Originally trained in gestalt therapy, Keith has been involved with transactional analysis for over 35 years and person-centered psychology for 30 years, in each of which he has published extensively. He was co-founder and for 17 years co-director of Temenos, Sheffield, UK, in which context he designed and ran supervision courses. He is an internationally recognized author and editor; he is the series editor of Advancing Theory in Therapy (Routledge), and was the editor of Psychotherapy and Politics International (Wiley-Blackwell/Tuwhera, 2011–2022). He co-edited (with Mike Worrall) two books on supervision: Freedom to Practise: Person-centred Approaches to Supervision (PCCS Books, 2004), and Freedom to Practise II: Developing Person-centred Approaches to Supervision (PCCS Books, 2007). (see free PDF book 20/20 Vision and free PDF and ePub book Psyche and Academia: Papers from 21 Years of the Auckland University of Technology Psychotherapy Master’s Programmes ).

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03 tra 2023




125 €
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